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I’ve been blogging for 10 years now and in the beginning, I didn’t really take pictures of myself but as time went by and as Instagram became a preferred platform for me, I started taking increasingly more pictures. I have to admit it was hard in the beginning- there was so much I didn’t like. It was something about the right side of my face, something about my complexion, something about my thighs, something about my hair, there was always something. 

And maybe it’s for that reason that over time, I became extremely familiar with my preferred angles- the angles that I thought would make me look my very best. The angles that would lead to the most compliments and even more importantly a higher number of likes.

The thing is, most of us have a certain degree of vanity. Vanity is such a nasty word because it makes you think of pride. But most of us are vain not because we think too highly of ourselves; we are vain because we are insecure and really just truly want to look our best.

So, what’s my secret today to confidence and to a higher level of self-esteem- it’s actually quite easy. It’s about finding things that help put me at ease, make me feel comfortable and embrace all my sides.  And it usually starts with little things- from what I eat, how I stay fit, what I wear, to how much I sleep and so on.

Today, with Hanes, I’m talking about what I wear, the foundation of my wardrobe. If you’ve ever worn uncomfortable undergarments, you know that there’s no worse feeling.  I remember once being at an event wearing some restrictive under-garment and later on reviewing my pics, I looked utterly miserable in every single one even though I could have sworn that I was succeeding at faking badassery.

So while it seems like a small thing, it’s in these little things that you step into the world, feeling better and with just a little more self-assurance. Because what I’ve learned is not that looking good makes me feel good, it’s much more the opposite. When I feel good, I look good, because I bring a different energy and people see that and read that.

Here are a few pieces that will have you feeling your best and embracing yourself from each and every angle. This is the #NoBadAngles List and I know you wanna know what they are:

1- Hanes Ultimate Comfortblend T-Shirt Front Close Underwire Bra

Why I love these: I am a sucker for front close bras, and these are not only easy on, they’re also easy off. The underwire is accompanied by a comfort stretch band that prevents the expected underwire tug and keeps the bra in place. More importantly, the lining on this one is super soft- you’ll forget you had it on. 

2- Hanes Ultimate ComfortBlend T-Shirt Wirefree Bra

Why I love these: These have built-in concealing petals that prevent show through with any fabric and convertible straps to make any outfit “T-shirt comfortable”.

3- Hanes Ultimate Comfort Cotton Panties

Why I Love these: These have Cool Comfort technology which means that it keeps sweat away and you can stay cool all day long. Additionally, these also have the Hanes ComfortSoft waistband, so it moves with you as you move. 

4- Hanes Cotton Stretch Low Rise Briefs with ComfortSoft WaistbandWhy I love these: These undies are not only tag-free and pinch-free, they also don’t ride up your leg and stay in place all day.

Also wearing a few more fave pieces from Hanes: (all linked to Hanes.com [hanes.com] product page)

1- Hanes Sport Performance Fleece Jogger Pants w/ pockets

2- Hanes Slub Jersey Hoodie

3- Hanes ComfortSoft EcoSmart Full-Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt

4- Hanes Sport Women’s Performance leggings

 How do YOU celebrate all of your unique angles?


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