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Without fail, every year in New York City, every time the temparature falls, folks seem to pack away their colorful Spring and Summer clothes and pull out their Black, Brown and Grey sweaters, boots and coats. I love a black coat as much as the next person; quite frankly it makes for a really stylish and polished look. I am definitely not knocking that. I will however encourage you to play with color all year long and not just seasonally.

And because Fall and Winter wardrobes tend to be more expensive, I understand the hesitancy to spend on pieces you feel may get limited wear. Which is why I’m here to tell you to check out Walmart. They have really stepped up their fashion game over the past few years and that’s why I always have fun collaborating with them. You can get solid quality sweaters, jackets, coats and more at a great price. One that won’t leave you stressing. They also have a great return policy if you happen to be unhappy with your picks.

I will also encourage you to check out these specific brands on Walmart, because I always find the best and most contemporary stuff there.

  1. Free Assembly
  2. Scoop
  3. Love & Sports
  4. Bonobos Fieldernew
  5. Joyspunnew


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