I remember clear as day, putting together an outfit, I must have been no older than 7, and strutting out feeling really proud of my accomplishment and immediately getting the kind of feedback that I’m not really sure any 7-year old is quite ready for. But it is the kind of feedback that she should be ready for- the outfit slight. I was told in no uncertain terms that my outfit DID NOT MATCH. I may be mistaken but I think the exact words were that my outfit DID NOT GO.

It starts really early, being told what works, what doesn’t- being given fashion rules. Don’t wear a brown belt with black pants, don’t wear 2 bright colors together, don’t mix those prints- They Don’t Match.

Well, as you may have seen on here, I’m about breaking any pre-conceived notions big and small. And why not start with something that like fashion, which is a personal expression of self. I’m sad that 7-year old me felt hurt and went back and changed, but now if you tell me something doesn’t go- well that’s for you to deal with. I’m not saying there are no rules in fashion, I’m saying THERE SHOULD BE NO RULES IN FASHION. Rules in how you dress stifle your personality and your creativity and can make it harder for you to find where your fashion sensibilities actually reside.

By not being afraid, to try, I’ve discovered combos that I would not have otherwise considered. Some are classics (Black and white, Blue and Yellow) but some are just simply overlooked.

So- here’s a new combo for you to try: PLUM & FUSCHIA

I got a chance to raid Ann Taylor for the Plum and Fuschia offerings and interesting, these 2 colors actually live on extremes of the same spectrum- and maybe that’s why they are overlooked but also why they work so well together. See the selections below and play around which pieces you would mix and match.



  1. Kendall

    July 31, 2021 at 9:46 pm Reply

    This color combo is AWESOME!!!!

  2. Elaine

    May 4, 2021 at 10:19 pm Reply

    I truly enjoyed your story. People just need to be direct and clear about their individual style that,
    ‘S what earns you confidence.

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