WITH lululemon

Fitness- we all know it’s important- that’s not news. I wish I could say I’ve been as disciplined or consistent as I need to be. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned- I’ve learned that you can’t give up just because you fail, you can’t give up just because you fall short. It’s so easy to say what’s the point- after many false starts, you almost start to think that its mission impossible, that you’ll never be as good as your friends that run marathons, or your neighbor that hits the gym every morning without fail at 5.30 AM.

True. I may never be any of those people, but there are so many other things I can be. So I’m always looking for new and different ways to stay inspired. It’s surprising where you can find inspiration, in places and things big and small.

For me- a city girl with a super on the go life, I’m always looking for convenience and things that make my life easier. I also look for ways to make my fitness journey more fun and flexible so I look for routines and fashion apparel that can inspire.

So imagine my excitement when lululemon, everyone’s favorite yoga-inspired athletic apparel company announced their collaboration with English dancer Francesca Hayward of the Royal Ballet to produce a limited-edition collection of elegant, minimalistic, and effortless styles.

I was excited about feeling stylish and graceful- because you feel good when you look good. I’m quite literally more prone to head out for a workout when I’m excited about what I’ll be wearing.
The new line marries the grace of ballet with the flexibility of street style, resulting in looks that can be worn from dance class or weight training to everyday life. I can start my day and errands wearing these pieces and close out my day with a quick workout.

I also love that these pieces turn preconceptions on their head. Here we have a line inspired by ballet (most people would think of flowers and girly and all things pink) that is not limited to just being about grace and elegance but also recognizes that there’s just as much strength and edge in ballet. Something which rings true of most of us – as women we are hardly ever just one thing. We are strong and gentle, edgy and elegant, we have girl time, family time, work time and me time.

It may seem a small thing, a really small thing but it’s the small things that help us make big changes in our lives. I’m looking to be inspired by the artist behind this line and the pieces that will help me with my routine and on my fitness journey.


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