Image via Hawkins New York

This has been a journey trying to figure out what we will use as nightstands in our bedroom. Our bedroom is quite narrow and I didn’t want to squeeze in a big old nightstand. Honestly, I’m also concerned that having any kind of drawer space or storage by my bed will lead to unnecessary hoarding of things that really belong somewhere else, not in my peaceful haven.

As such the search for nightstands slowly evolved to mostly side or end tables. I don’t mind if they have a little shelving, but really would prefer that they turn into a spot that I stash unopened mail and beauty samples.

Here’s all the many things I’ve been eyeing so far. I’m hoping by stashing my wishlist, I’ll get some feedback, but also just have one place where all my faves are saved so I can much quicker make a decision. As you can see, there’s not necessarily a theme, I just think all of these would work. We have cane/rattan/bamboo options that will play well against our Maya bed, We have stone options that will play well against our fireplace. We have white options that will work against out walls and curtains. So yeah- that’s how we got here.

P.S. For a peek into the current bedroom situation, check out video below, bedroom begins around the 8minute mark. There’s still loads to do in the space.


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