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I’m not quite sure exactly when it happened, when I developed an appreciation for things that I previously didn’t have quite an appreciation for. Some may call that growth, some may call it maturity, maybe it’s the increased exposure I have been blessed with over the past few to quality products, through travel and through amazing collaborations. I care so much more now about classic pieces that can stand the test of time, so much more than throw away trendy pieces. I’ve learned the value of long-lasting and beautiful jewelry, the kind you’d love to inherit and the kind you’d love to pass on. In many ways, the right pieces are not just a purchase, they are a long term investment as you are buying real gold and precious stones- the price of which always goes up. 

Point is, there is something to be said about treating yourself as a woman to a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. There may be quite a few options out there, but I can assure you they aren’t all created equal.

Established in 1977, LAGOS has been committed and dedicated to beautiful design and has made pieces that are cherished globally. They take great care in their craftsmanship and are specifically known for their unique Caviar collection. If you haven’t checked them out before then you really need to do so now. 

I’ve partnered with them to celebrate the launch of the new Blue Caviar collection – a beautiful collection that adds that special something to your jewelry collection, the kind of standout moment that will remain a long-lasting classic as well.

Check out my faves and head to their website to find out many more offerings. 



  1. Robbin

    June 25, 2020 at 1:18 am Reply

    Looks beautiful!! Loved it. Thanks for sharing:)

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