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If I asked you today how you’re feeling, what would you say?
If I asked you to rank your fitness level compared to your peers, what would you say?
If I asked you if you were getting all the nutrients your body needs, would you know?

And if I asked you if you were doing all you should be for your heart, brain, and body – could you confidently say Yes?

And that was the crux for me.  It’s been the case for a while now- I feel somewhat confident that I avoid foods that may be bad for me, I reduced my sugar intake, I avoid fried foods more often than not, I even recently cut back on red meat and processed foods. The point is, I recognize how important it is to take care of my body and I have made some effort to be better this year more than ever. However, I couldn’t possibly say with a straight face that I’ve made sure to incorporate essential elements into my diet. Worse yet- I’m not even sure what that would be.

As I step into this space of awareness and education, I got the opportunity to partner with the team behind MegaRed. They are leading a summer long initiative, based out of Newport, Rhode Island, called OmegaTown; an initiative to educate people on the importance of self-care and one very often overlooked but highly essential fatty acid we need for our heart, joints, eyes and brain health, better known as Omega-3’s. 

Like some of you, I had heard about Omega-3’s but I didn’t know that while they are essential (because our bodies need them to function properly), we actually don’t naturally create them. This means that we need to design our diet in a way that ensures adequate intake.

Now, the difficult part here, as I found out, is that we would need to eat at least three servings of fish (and not just any fish, very specific fish), in order to get (much less absorb) all the Omega-3’s our bodies need. It’s for this reason that most Americans don’t get enough Omega-3’s. 

And more importantly, it is for the above reasons that the team behind MegaRed (which consists of doctors, scientists and nutritionists) created a formulation of high-quality Omega-3’s sourced from Krill fish in the Antarctic and wild caught salmon from Alaska. MegaRed is the Omega-3 fatty acid supplement that goes above and beyond, helping you support your brain, heart, eyes and joints from the inside out in just one softgel a day! 

The first thing I did once I got to OmegaTown was establish my baseline. This is a basic finger prick test with results available a week or two after. I’m still waiting for mine and would share once available. Visit knowyouromega3s.com to see how much you know about omega-3’s.  

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to do the right things/ exercise, cleaner eating and the hubby and I have incorporated the supplements into our daily regimens- simplest decision ever. Can’t wait to report on how I’m feeling a couple of months from now- as well as the changes I see on my official Omega-3 report.



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