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Isn’t it funny that something that’s such an essential part of our lives gives so much grief each and every time it arrives. It’s almost like we’re surprised and unprepared. I don’t know why we never seem to get used to it.
I have come to conclude that it’s all about how we think about our periods.

How we think about them have colored how we experience them. We associate our periods with discomfort, with frustration, with messes, with limitations and sometimes with shame.
We don’t see them as brilliant, as beautiful, as a blessing, as natural, as special. I’ve partnered with @Tampax, because they have done great work in this space- working to reduce and eliminate stigmas associated with periods. They have also created products that minimize the discomfort and messes that notoriously come with periods. They have spoken to women to make sure they create comfortable, leak free and odor free products.

I will never forget how embarrassed I used to be about buying pads and even more embarrassed about tampons. And I have no idea where that came from, but it came fast and early.

Now that I’m older I just want to encourage older women to speak to younger women candidly about periods and younger women to fully embrace what is often a very natural part of being a woman.  We sometimes take things for granted but being afforded pads and tampons are not a given everywhere and there are still plenty young women across the world that don’t have access. Such lack of access means many young girls even miss several days of school, putting them perpetually behind their male classmates.

All this to say- let’s all work towards ending the unspoken stigma – we can do this together. 
P.s. have you heard about tampon tax? Read up on it and why it’s time for the entire country to rid itself of it.


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