The other day, I was sitting on my couch, I new I had a long long list fo things to do. But I just couldn’t and I knew that I was going to be productive- it was just one of those moments where I needed an escape and I didn’t care if it was warranted or not. I didn’t care if I would regret it first thing in the morning when I would of course stare at my non checked off list. And that’s how I found myself watching Netflix’s Someone Great.

In so many ways, it reminded me of a time when everything in my world revolved around my girlfriends, I miss those days, I miss having them near, this is before most of them started their own families, started their high intensity jobs or simply moved away.

And while there was much to love about the cute little movie and lots to relate to, there was nothing that made me quite as happy as the soundtrack- taking me through old hits and newer ones, through heartbreak tracks and club bangers, through pop rhythms and hiphop gems.

So yup- I’m listening to this on repeat now and I recommend you do the same, there’s definitely something for everyone. 


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