I don’t dwell on regrets, but if I did – I’d wish my younger self was more outspoken and even more politically active – which is but one of the reasons why I love this teen band ( lead singer is 16). The Regrettes are bringing the hits and very healthy dose of feminism and political messages in their music and videos.

I worry that by referring to them as a teen band, I am somehow making it seem like they are somehow less legit which is by no means my intent. I think we all make assumptions about young people, especially young women- we assume they are superficial, uninformed, self absorbed if not self important. The lyrics to their track “Seashore” show that this band is well aware what you may think of them because of their age:

You’re talkin’ to me like a child
Hey I’ve got news, I’m not a little girl
And no I won’t give you a little twirl
You’re talkin’ to me like I’m sad
Hey I’ve got news, I’m not doin’ too bad
Even though sometimes I might get real mad
You’re talkin’ to me like a child
But my words are growin’ stronger
And my legs keep gettin’ longer
I’m like nobody else, so you can just go fuck yourself
I do a lot of stupid stuff but don’t act like you’re so tough

But when I think back to my teen years, I recall that there was real honesty and sincerity to my feelings, that I cared, that I wanted to be taken seriously and had the kind of ideas only those not yet jaded by this thing called life can have. So if you’re no longer a teen, take a minute and call that part of you up, or better yet-  listen to the Regrettes.


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