As luck would have it, I have been an Audi fan for a long time and when my hubby and I began our search for a new car, it came down to 3 options, with the Audi being one of them.  So when the opportunity came to work with Audi and spend some more time getting to know the car and brand, I jumped at it. I was able to spend 4 straight days checking out the car and getting to know the ins and outs- even went on a mini road-trip to see how it handled. From highways, to local streets, on good roads and not so good roads. Here is my takeaway – a few reasons why the Audi Q series now has the upper hand:

  1. Elegant: It just exudes all things premium and luxury. It is such an attractive car but in an understated way- not loud or obnoxious. It is perfect for all situations, for someone who wants to stand out without being loud.
  2. Sporty: Do not confuse it’s elegance for being tame, this car can move, dynamic, strong, athletic even – I love how powerful it is while also being super stable and quiet in the cabin. It makes for an amazing ride.
  3. Comfortable: The cabin feels upscale and the seats from driver to passengers have all been redesigned for extra comfort. The cabin is spacious, the leather feels luxurious and comfortable especially with the heated seats this time of year. I also loved all the extra light you get in the cabin as a result of the panoramic sunroof. What a difference it makes to be able to bring more of the outside into the car.
  4. Tech: So much smart tech went into this vehicle, from driver assist tools to navigation to entertainment as well as many safety features. The best part is how seamlessly integrated it is into the car. Nothing worse than tech that is fussy and frustrating to maneuver. Additionally, the  Audi MMI® operating system allows you to instinctively manage an array of systems, including navigation, entertainment, interior, and even ride dynamics on this model and other models that have the Audi drive select. Basically, what you end up with is a balance of simplicity, intuitiveness, and elegance to enhance the driving experience. Not to be outdone, the Audi Connect system links you up to Google Earth for 3D images of destinations, you can use Google voice to search for those destinations and a delightful surprise was how you could easily get gas price information along the route- that way you can refill at the best price.
  5. Overall Design: Basically, with this car, you get it all, a car that is smart, intuitive, elegant and beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Can’t ask for more now can you?


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