I don’t think any piece of clothing gets more global love than trusted denim. I have work denim in every form. Well every form except denim skirts- there’s been a struggle there; struggle to find a fitted denim skirt that doesn’t ride up my hips. Despite that small exception, I have worn every wash and color, every fit, every length, in overalls, and in shorts and in jackets… and the list goes on.

Denim has gone through some phases over the past few- for a hot second there, designer denim became everything with many saving all their dollars so they could buy a pair of jeans that cost several hundred dollars. But if there’s anything I’m really happy about is that now we can get premium denim without paying $$$$.

Case in point, Abercrombie & Fitch- I’m so happy they approached me last summer as that allowed me to rediscover the brand. It’s been a year of wearing their clothes now and I love that they are durable and good quality. I also love how affordable they are and the range of denim options they offer.

Here are my top picks- including the one I’m wearing here in white, red, cropped, floral and more.

Find your style HERE.


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