Summer is my favorite season to dress up for and I have a few reasons why:
  1. Anything goes- maxis or minis, jumpsuits or rompers, from blouses to tanks and every thing in between
  2. I’m no longer the only wearing bright colors. I stick out like a sore thumb when I wear bright yellows doing NYC’s gloomy winter.
  3. No more constricting tights under everything. No more coats hiding my dress silhouette.
  4. Sandals
  5. You can look your best even though not spending much $$$

And if you’re like me, #5 is so very important. Because, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Who doesn’t like saving money? No, seriously, is there someone out there who gets upset at a deal.

I’ve been a deal seeker since my college years. I remember the first eBay section I would visit was always for tech, movies, and the discounted books. I actually recall buying my first laptop from eBay. Over the years, I have come to rely on eBay not just on housewares and tech, but increasingly to find fashion items for less or even more fun, finding ever elusive, always sold out, pieces of clothing. I recently helped a girlfriend purchase a Brand New Kate Spade Bag from 70% oFF retail. It’s funny cos when I insisted she check eBay, she was extremely reluctant and only later admitted to me that she thought everything on eBay was used and she had zero patience for spending time waiting for an auction to end. Actually, 81% of eBay merchandise is Brand New and most of those are available with “Buy Now”. So you don’t even have to wait for an auction to end for the most part. Also, about 70% of eBay items SHIP FREE. How many times have you not completed a purchase (items all in shopping cart) because you discovered that you had to factor shipping costs into your purchase?

Now what I really love about eBay, is that they have started curating all the fashion they have, highlighting brands we all love like Madewell, Zara, Free People etc as well as other contemporary brands. By creating curated fashion finds like their Summer fashion listings has definitely made it easier to find beautiful pieces and designer clothing/accessories for way less that you would otherwise find them.

I challenge you to copy my Madewell style using eBay. If you don’t feel like going through the hunt right now, you could also find a few of my favorite eBay Summer Styles right here.


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