Yes, I’m titling this post “The Return” because while I have been posting, I have not kept to my regularly scheduled program. There was something always satisfying about having a fresh post to kick off the week- I loved the regularity, I enjoyed the discipline it forced me to have. But like many things that are good for you (exercise, healthy eating, reading books) – once you stop, and if you don’t make a conscious effort to start back up, then you find yourself in a downward spiral and it gets harder and harder.

So I’m committing to you, but most importantly to myself, to bring this weekly series back and to stay on schedule. Fair warning, if I don’t stay on schedule, I’m just going to have to delete this post and pretend it never happened. HAHAHA!

For those on you not on instagram, just wanted to share that I have been answering some questions there and they are saved in my highlights as FAQS. Many people asked about my career, the business of blogging, my hair, my relationship, my heritage etc. I’ve answered most of them there, but plan on sharing some answers here shortly. I think I might be able to go into additional detail here as space is plentiful.

Now that the weather is cooling down, I’m back to looking for interesting ways to rock a suit to work or even just casually. ASOS is a great resource for affordable suit options and they are linked below. I recommend considering getting suits in unusual patterns and colors to keep it interesting. I also believe in color blocking or mixing and matching– It definitely makes things quite interesting when you do. I’ve also shared some other ways to rock a standout pantsuit here.

As always, I hope all is great with you and yours and here’s to keeping my word.





  1. Fitjackets

    June 23, 2020 at 5:54 am Reply

    Amazing shots and the color is so beautiful

  2. Tati

    July 8, 2019 at 6:59 pm Reply

    the cutest outfit ever, my fav pictures of you. This turquoise suit and this turquoise wall…So damn beautiful

    1. simplycyn

      July 9, 2019 at 11:05 am Reply

      Thanks so much

  3. Top Gun

    October 17, 2018 at 3:07 am Reply

    This Shot has navigated right into my heart. Love U <3

  4. Sherese Nicole

    October 1, 2018 at 5:42 pm Reply

    Yass goals, sis

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