It’s funny, I love beautiful dresses, I love a good jumpsuit (that’s pretty obvious) but there will always be one piece, one item of clothing that is quite simply my go to for everything and I know I’m not alone. I’m talking about the solid  pair of jeans. I recently did a closet cleanu and deicded to start all over with my denim.I had a lot of pieces that didn’t fit too well for one reason or other, I had some that I just wasn’t excited about anymore, I had a few that had been borrowed (never to return) and I had some that were so uncomfortable that I never reached for them.

So on my denim search and based on the items that I discarded, gifted or recycled, I now know exactly what to look for and they are:

  • Fit- It’s gotta hold in all the right places
  • Wash- the wash on denim can make it look modern, retro or even cheap
  • Stretch- for most of us, a little stretch goes a long way
  • Price- I knew with time and a little patience, I could find a great pair without breaking the bank
  • Comfort- no more getting jeans so tight on my waist that I would get a tummy ache, or denim so hard, that I would feel like I was in bondage after a long day.

I have to admit, I thought about trying out old navy denim for a quick second, cos i recalled a friend saying she was really enjoying their new range of denim and that she was pleasantly surprised. But almost as soon I was distracted by other brands and other things.

And then a few weeks ago, I finally walked pas an Old Navy and decided to go in. Next thing I know, I had over 8 pairs of denim with me in the fitting room and unlike what normally happens, I had a problem of too many and not too few options. Here I was, on a conservative shopping mission and I was struggling to put back some of the pairs I had tried on. After a few spins in front of the mirror and some reassurances and support from fellow dressing room mates, I landed on the Rockstar 24/7. I chose them because not only did they check all my above boxes, but they totally surprised me when I put them on. Never had a pair of denim that soft and strong all at once. It literally fit like a glove.Can you believe that I actually switched out from what i was wearing and wore my new pair of denim through the end of the day? And I had no shame, loved every moment.


Tee, Jeans and Shoes– all at Old Navy
Cost of Outfit: $73





  1. elle

    July 7, 2020 at 4:46 pm Reply

    You always look fantastic. You choose items that flatter and put together colors in a wonderful way AND you find the most amazing places to take photographs! The color blocking in the background of this shoot is fantastic and LOVE that TBird.

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