Quick, don’t think too hard, just react to these:

  • Spring
  • Strength
  • Joy
  • New
  • Achievement
  • Flight
  • Escape
  • Stay

What did those bring to mind for you? I’ll tell you what they did for me.

  • Spring – New
  • Strength – Pushing through
  • Joy – Growth
  • New – Challenges
  • Achievement – Every day
  • Flight – Adventure
  • Escape – Sounds like a plan
  • Stay – GO.

I always Choose Go. Because there’s so much to do and explore. That’s why I have this platform, it’s not just about sharing stories. It also serves as a reminder to myself of what is possible, what I am capable or rather; a diary of my challenges, my growth, my every days and my adventures. It’s about moving from the Old me to the New me, it’s about the future me and it’s about Growing and Going.  I’m happy to be at a place in my life where I can partner with a brand like Nike to celebrate the Joy of doing, the Art of making something out of nothing, the strength in moving forward and the beauty of GOING. Some place old or some place new.

And I do have to add, these all new Nike React are quite literally the softest, most comfortable Nikes. It’s like they keep outdoing themselves. It’s funny how you don’t realize what you’re missing out on, but then once you do, you can’t go back. Tried to rock an older pair of sneaks that for some reason I thought made for good walking/running shoes and was very unpleasantly surprised, I was like nope- I need some true comfort. A whole lot of complicated science (3 years and 400 combinations to be exact) went into making this one of the lightest shoes on the market. That’s that don’t give up till you get it right focus. That’s the kinda focus I’m looking to have in my life.  So Thanks for the push Nike, Thanks for the reminder, and for the surprise Apple Watch Series 3!

Pictured rocking the Nike react in all new colors, which will be launching on 4/19.
They have all new colors – super lightweight, super comfy, going with me everywhere.




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