For the longest time I was scared silly of wearing white clothes. Maybe because it almost always seemed as though as soon as I put on something white, the entire universe immediately decided to conspire against me and cause some silly accident. I mean really- why on earth was I for the first time ever getting a coffee spill?  How on earth was it that I, all of a sudden would trip or scrape against something brown, or better yet something red. And how was it that I would find myself eating something that required slurping, followed by tiny splashes and spills of sauce and oil. Come on man!

So stay away from white I tried. Sometimes, I would wear it for a really short moment and cross my fingers, and watch every step. Extremely frustrating and not a fun way to go about my day. I recall this one time, I wore a white jumpsuit on the train and me, not trusting the cleanliness factor of NYC subways, proceeded to stand for nearly an hour on a surprisingly empty train while wearing heels (for crying out loud girl).

But lately, I have been so envious on the sidelines, watching my insta faves like KarenBritChick and KrsytalBick gliding across the city and around the country in glorious white. So I caved and bought myself a few options. I’m still running walking a little scared, but it’s so worth it when it looks like this.


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