If there’s one thing I got really excited about during my recent trip to Greece, was the sheer number of amazing shops and brands I ran into while there. It’s so nice to get away from the same old, same old brands that you find everywhere- we honestly ALL wear the same stuff half the time. And while I don’t mind that, sometimes, you just want to see something completely new and unexpected and not as close to home.

The great thing about these brands is that not only do they offer some amazing pieces that are sure to have people asking you for details, but also, most of them have shipping to the U.S. It was my last night in Athens and I ran into MilkWhite only to find that the store was sold out of my size in 2 pieces I wanted. Imagine my glee when they said they had them online and had US shipping. While US Shipping is increasingly available, it is not always the case and sometimes, it is so expensive as to have you ditch your basket of items right when you got to the end.

So without further a do, here are some of my fave Greek brands that you oughtta know about.

1. Cristina Beautiful Life

Without a doubt, the brand I left Athens the most obsessed with. I had seen the shop but didn’t have a chance to stop or try anything the first few days we were in town. I thought our ferry would be back in town early enough for shopping, but we had weather delays coming in from Mykonos, add to that, there was a World Rally that caused additional traffic delays. By the time we got to our hotel, which was only a block away, I had about 20mins to run to the store before they closed. If I could, I would have grabbed 10-15 things. But, I’m a sensible person, I got the one dress I absolutely couldn’t walk away from. It was a previous season dress, so was on SALE and there was an additional in-store discount. I do regret not getting more, but thankfully, they ship to the US. I should mention, you have to feel their silk cotton dresses in person- they are priced a little more than the others, but the look and feel in person is beyond.

2. MilkWhite

High fashion looks at High street prices. As mentioned above, this was another store I ran into, my last day and was happy to find that I could get them when I return home. This and this were the pieces I wanted to buy.

3. Karavan

I was introduced to this brand by Dee Diary right before my trip and I made a note to look out for them once I got to Greece. It has all the makings of a brand I’d love- bright colors, bold prints, flattering silhouettes too. It was nice to check out the quality up close, cos while I did spot some similar prints on trip at other more affordable spots, none matched the quality of Karavan.

4. Mallory The Label

Love this one because they have so many fun, what you think about vacation wardrobe options, all at a really good price point. There’s quite a nice range of options every season, each collection feels aligned but different. They also have really good sales so bookmark this one.

5. Marmarometry

Greek marble meets geometry is the tag line for this Jewelry brand. Greece is known for its unique marble (if you take any guided tours, you’ll learn so much about it and why it’s so special). Deifnitely original and cool to see a jewelry brand make that its focus.

6. Greek Designers

A one stop shop to discover emerging Greek designers. This is a great stop for a little bit of everything- they had a few locations in Athens and you could even shop them at the airport. Not a bad way to wait for a flight.

7. Kyma

No conversation about Greek Fashion can be complete without touching on Greek sandals, I mean, we literally call them Greek sandals. There’s something about the craftsmanship of Greek sandals. I especially love minimalistic ones that I can pair with a colorful pedicure.

Kyma stands out with their bright blue soles which like Louboutins, make the bottom of your shoes just as exciting as the top.

Also check out Olimpo for another Greek sandal brand worth knowing.


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