Our first stop was the surprisingly affordable (affordable for the region and for what you get) Hyatt Capital Gate  hotel.  It’s the world’s leaningest manmade structure, you of course don’t feel that on the inside. Just really comfortable and made for a great stay. I loved the views and the piped design in the interior. I kept thinking, they would never do that in NYC, that would be such a waste of space when they could just add more rooms. One thing the UAE isn’t lacking, is space, that’s for sure.

In Dubai we jumped on a yellowboat tour to see Atlantis, the Dubai skyline and of course the famous Burj Al Arab. Our tour guide was so funny and we could have just hung out with him all day.
The Souk Madinat Jumeirah came highly recommended, it was nice for walking around, window shopping. There were alot of tourists in the area due to the hotels, resorts and beaches.
Another stop was the Dubai mall, I think we got ridiculously lost and confused there for a second. I don’t think I can process a mall that big, its basically the biggest American mall you can think of on Steroids with a side of a massive aquarium. However, once you step out of the mall, you look up and there’s the Burj Khalifa. It’s definitely a really tall building, we took about 500 pictures just trying to get the entire sucker in the frame. With loads of people around, there’s more shopping at the Souk al Bahar (more of a tourist type souk than an authentic one IMHO, but still worth stopping by). We also got to check out the next generation Year 2020 police cars. I think if they did that in new York, the number of applicants for the gig might just triple.

On the second to the last day there, the hubby said this was turning out to be one of his fave trips we’ve taken and I have to agree. We took over 1,000 pictures and I kind of gave up going through them anytime soon and just had to share this quick batch with you guys.

Some people think Dubai and think it’s all about glam and spending ridiculous amounts of money and all that.  I can assure you, we didn’t do that. We’re such budget conscious people that with proper planning and budgeting we got the max for a little. We didn’t do expensive restaurants or much shopping for that matter besides souvenirs for family. We love walking, seeing, eating where the locals eat, smelling (and there was a lot of that, I think the perfume industry is really a serious thing in the UAE) and talking to people- that’s the best satisfaction we get on trips.
As a New Yorker, I was shocked by just how cheap, ridiculously cheap it was to get around. Trains and cabs were uber affordable. But be warned, always ask for local water (thanks Kera for the tip) or go to Zoom (its’ like a 7-Eleven) and get your own water. You wouldn’t want to be bamboozled into paying $7 for water like we were on Day 1. SMDH.

 And with that, I’m planning my next trip in my head.
Who’s coming?




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