Managed to Escape Brooklyn for 2 nights and it was positively brilliant to get away for a bit. There’s quite really so many amazing places upstate New York and over the past year, we’ve definitely started making the time to visit different towns.

I found out about INNESS, the way many of us seem to find out about so many places these days: on Instagram. I know well enough now after visiting quite a few places based on social media, that things aren’t always as they seem on social and really I’ve started expecting the worse. I assume all spaces are shot with wide-angle lenses and are styled for pictures and I prepare myself for a reality that may be just a little less “perfect” than filters and photoshop could provide.

So without further ado, let me get to what it was like. Also, if you would love video instead of just photos, head to my IG for more.


We pulled into the hotel at around 3 PM, an hour earlier than regular check-in. The drive had been scenic and approaching the hotel was super promising. The grounds are expansive, think upstate farm, but much bigger, much more wide-open spaces and definitely a different level of landscaping. There were not very clearly marked parking spots and not much in the form of signage but the 3 buildings, natural oak-looking wooden cabins, one of which was fully glass-paned, seemed to be the right place to start. The glass-paneled building turned out to be the gift shop- a worthy stop, offering much more than usual hotel gift shops would, the 2nd building was the restaurant and the smallest of the 3 was the reception.

Even though the grounds felt pretty empty and it was unclear if there was even a single other guest, it was also clear that work was still going on, something the hotel made more than clear on their website. Check-in was a breeze and we were immediately taken to our cabin in an offroad type Jeep. The cabins are a short walk away from the main area, but a car ride to them is definitely necessary as carrying bags (never mind a stroller and toddlers)on that terrain wouldn’t be the easiest thing.


While you can stay in a hotel room at the Main farmhouse, the real draw here are the all-black cabins. There is the King Cabin and the even bigger Grand King Cabin. With twin boys that like to run around, we went with the Grand King Cabin.

What can I say, they actually look just like their pictures and the high ceilings definitely make the 600 or so sq ft feel even bigger in person. Lots of natural light comes flooding in from the multiple windows and even more light from the glass deck doors. Everything is designed to be minimal and no fuss and yet somehow feels not just well thought out, but still manages warmth and elegance.

The kitchenette had a coffee pot, teapot, as well as some snacks. We always appreciate a kitchenette, the only thing that would have made it better was if there had been a microwave or small stove for heating the kids food.

The bathrooms definitely felt luxurious as well in spite of their small size. If there’s one real drawback to the cabins, I would have to say would be the bathroom size. it got kind of tricky there for the 4 of us, But I imagine just a couple would be more than fine.


Breakfast is served at the main house and we spent quite a little time there because it was really a highlight of the property. I imagine when folks really start visiting, this will be the beating heart of this place. I’m not sure we would enjoy the space as much if it were busy, so we really took advantage of the fact that there was only one other guest hanging around.

We had dinner at the restaurant and I wished they had served breakfast there. At night, I couldn’t see much, but I could tell there would be killer daytime views. We were disappointed that their pizza menu wasn’t available but the Trout was a standout, while the Merguez pasta was tasty. Unfortunately, I imagined there would actually be visible merguez (lamb sausage) in the dish, but really it was just the flavor. Service was warm without being intrusive and since there were so few guests, nothing felt rushed.


We really enjoyed our stay and would return. I think their introductory pricing is perfect but something tells me their prices will likely go up. I hesitate to call out minor issues with the property as they are still completing work, but there truly weren’t any big flags. I really do want to return and already trying to plan a girls trip (no kids) sometime soon. if you love quiet, low-key escapes to nature, where you can sit on Adirondack chairs and watch the sunset while having a glass of wine, this might be the place for you.


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