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Back at the Four Seasons Resort in Desroches, just a short distance from the hotel – are some quiet private residences, barely tucked away, just enough for them to feel perfectly private. I can only imagine what a thrill it must be to be one of the locals that own these properties.

Most importantly, especially for my purposes, dotted all over the island, has to be all the dreamy beaches on every coast. One of my favorites being Madame Zabre beach on which the hotel arranged a little picnic. A picnic for 2 and for the stingray swimming so close to shore I thought maybe they wanted a nibble of my fruit bowl.

The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches is comprised of 72 residences; each one offering near complete privacy, and with direct access to the ocean. Our suite was #12, a Coral Beach Villa, located on the South Side of the island with Ocean views. The deck also looks out to a private pool and cabana and is flanked by a windy staircase that leads up to a mini balcony which I used several times for afternoon naps.

Another major highlight of the villa is the full marble bathroom that leads out to an outdoor shower. I am not ashamed to admit that the bathroom is almost as big as my NYC apartment. Oh NYC why do you punish us with such tiny spaces- but I digress.  Because I’m a lady who enjoys options, I used the outdoor shower for post-beach cleansing and the indoor for morning baths. Isn’t that what life is about? Options and experiencing it all.

So, let’s talk FOOD. There are 2 major restaurants on the property- Claudine (perfect for breakfast and a must for Creole night) and The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse isn’t just a name, it is actually an impressive lighthouse on the northeast end of the Island. The food, especially the seafood at Lighthouse had to be some of the best food I had the entire trip and to top it off, the views at sunset are out of this world.  Quick tip: While dinner is served around 6:30 pm at the lighthouse, get there between 5:30-6pm to experience sunset at the top of the lighthouse, followed by drinks at the Lighthouse Lounge serving original and local drinks and cocktails.

Desroches is special, it’s so different from the other Seychelles islands (and I mean this in the best way).  More than likely the only way you can experience this island is by booking a stay at the Four Seasons- it is a special trip and so very worth it. You realize how special it is when you get on the private 16 seater plane that flies to the island. When you realize that there are only 6 people on the flight and you’re 1 of 2 actual guests. When you land on the island and the Four Season staff wave you in and make you feel not only welcome but very special. Very Special indeed.


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