30 minutes, but it felt much shorter- the ride from Cancun Airport to Chable Maroma. We had lucked out in so many ways, beautiful weather, perfect car rental at great price in little to no time, I had almost forgotten the really long line at the airport. That was the only thing we weren’t so lucky with. Our plane landed at the same time as several others and the immigration line for visitors wrapped around more times that a snakes and ladders game. So just when I thought I was beyond the point of exhaustion, we stepped outside to clear skies, the car rental had just the ride for us and the hotel was a straightforward, no traffic – 30minutes away.

Many of the popular or luxe resorts are often tucked away, sometimes too tucked away. During my last visit, it was a 90 minute drive to where we stayed. Chable Maroma definitely wins massive points for convenience. If you think the convenience means you’re missing out on location or beach or vibe, then you’ll be sorely mistaken.

The last 5mins off the Cancun Highway take you past a windy path, lush greens, narrower roads, you feel like you’re definitely going to some kind of hideaway. This is confirmed when you pull up to the open reception area, wooden beams, rope chandeliers, lounge chairs in the form of swings, all accompanied by the gentle hum of the soft ocean breeze.

We spent a quick few minutes checking in and getting both the lay of the land, a little history (the hotel is new- only opened a few months, September 2018) and a quick rundown of available activities (yoga, cooking, snorkeling, kayaking). The resort is mostly flat and designed in a way that gives each villa ultimate privacy. It takes only 5-7minutes from each point on the resort which coupled with the flat terrain makes it perfect for walking. Bikes and golf carts aren’t needed and interestingly enough aren’t provided. I balked at that for a quick second until I realized that if anything a golf cart would not save anyone any time and might actually be an inconvenience.


I always joke that a huge part of why I travel is to eat. I don’t know why I say “joke”, cos I’m pretty serious and good food to me is no laughing matter. Chable Maroma has 2 restaurants on site. Kaban- which is the more casual of the two- although I know plenty of places that wouldn’t classify Kaban as casual (not in terms of the menu options or the service), it was all top grade.

Buul is the high end option and it’s rooftop bar is where you want to be at sunset or generally grabbing drinks as the views are the best on the property.

Another interesting way to feel more connected to the food here and Mexican food in general is to take the cooking class. Which turned out to be a true highlight for me. Hosted by one of the Exec chefs, we learned how to use local and simple ingredients to make true Mexican classics the way the best chefs who all learned from their abuelas (grandmas) make it. An afternoon of such Mexican delights like Some, tortillas, fresh crushed green tomatillo and onion sauce and roasted tomato sauce.

Design/Decor: I am a firm believer in pictures speak louder than words. So I’ll share the very many images from bath to bed, to the reception, to restaurants to property. They definitely hit the nail on the head in capturing a sense of place. It also doesn’t feel overly done or overly designed. Sometimes, its best to describe a place in terms of how it makes you feel. And I can say that it felt very much like home- every decision it seems was made to ensure utmost comfort. The size and feel of the bed, the position of the daybed in the bathroom, the dual everything-  his and hers shower, sinks and even toilets- this should be a must in every hotel of a certain category. No wonder they are part of the leading hotels of the world.

Service: There are often 2 things that can happen at a new hotel/resort when it comes to service. It can be underwhelming or overwhelming. Underwhelming when staff aren’t yet properly trained, don’t know how to follow-up on requests, miss small things, don’t pay attention to the detail. Overwhelming when they are overly eager to please, aggressively responsive, always touching base, doing too much generally. Chable Maroma strikes the right chord- the right amount of “are you Ok? May I help?” with leaving you alone to enjoy your time.

Other highlights:

  • If you’re celebrating a special occasion like birthday, let them know, they’ll go all out
  • Wake up to the eye-opener- choice of pastries and choice of drink (coffee, tea etc)
  • Order guacomole with everything- theirs is oh sooo good.
  • Hang out on the swings in the guest welcome area- surprisingly good space to read


  1. yaki

    July 3, 2019 at 5:25 am Reply

    Wow! Thanks a lot for your sharing!That’s very helpful!

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      Yay, thanks

  2. Brittany

    May 24, 2019 at 12:17 pm Reply

    Cyn, I have no words for the beauty captured in your travel posts. They’re such a treat! Would also love to know where your swimsuit is from…

    1. Pamela Chadwick

      February 19, 2020 at 8:15 pm Reply

      Thanks for the thorough review and pics of Chable Maroma. Is Punta Maroma supposed to be “the new Tulum,” or are celebrities on to some
      other place in Mexico? I read that Cara Delvigne had her birthday at Chable Maroma but idk how recently that was (maybe 2018?). Looking forward to reading more of your hotel reviews.

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