I am absolutely loving this blog. When I visit, I just want to read more and more books.  Bookshy is a lover of books and has used her blog as a great platform to promote African literature. Like me she grew up on Famous Five (I was hooked on everything Enid Blyton….Secret Seven anyone) and Babysitter’s club. In a recent post, she highlighted what is apparently a popular French comic following the misadventures of a naughty West African girl called Akissi (my life, no lie I had that hairstyle!!). This comic has finally been published in English, but I want a copy in every language for every little or grown girl I know. 

Check out Akissi and definitely bookmark Bookshy as well as her AfricanBookCover tumblr for more great reads from the continent.


  1. Honey B.

    February 13, 2014 at 2:29 am Reply

    The African child by Camara Laye, takes me back to my childhood , I grew up in west Africa, Nigeria to be exact. My older siblings had to read and study that book for a class. Unfortunately when I got to that grade, the books to be read were changed but I remember my sisters reading it , reciting lines, writing essays trying to analyze different chapters in the book as part of their school work.

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