Seriously the best band, best performance I watched during JazzFest. Even as we headed out,  could here so many people saying the same thing. So fun, so high energy, if you happen to find out that they’re gonna be performing anywhere near you, run and check them out. Shocked that I had never even heard of them prior to this. They are a multicultural, multilingual ( I heard Creole, Spanish, French, Arabic, English)  group hailing from Montreal. They mix Reggae, hiphop, jazz, zouk,  dancehall, funk, so seamlessly.

I hate to single out any single member cos they were all great but this chick right here, Meduza (ALgerian roots), she’s a total bad-ass (and rocking an even more badass new haircut), by the time the show was over, I was certain I was hooked on her voice, her vibe, her energy, she killed it.

They have been around for a while, you can check out all their discography or just take a peak at the below clips:


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